What Does “Multi-Dimensional” Mean?

When I do Waveform Healing healing work, I perceive the energy body as a kind of complex, multi-layered anatomical system. The shapes, textures, and tonalities of this system are what I sometimes call “multi-dimensional”.

The space that I work in is a kind of energy field that vibrates at higher frequencies than what appears in ordinary sense perception. When I tune into this energy field, it feels like crossing into a space you could call a higher “dimension” or “plane”.

In physics, dimensions are a kind of laticework that describes the relative positions of points of observation. We are familiar with the dimensions 1 (line), 2 (plane), 3 (cube). The Theory of Relativity adds the fourth dimension of time, and then it gets more complex from there. The domain of quantum mechanics, for example, is considered to have a kind of infinite dimensionality. According to String theory, the fabric of 10-dimensional spacetime is woven from vibrating 1-dimensional strings.

Some people associate the mathematical concept of dimensions with the esoteric concept of planes of existence. Planes are strata of operational reality that overlap what we perceive in the third dimension. The concepts of Heaven and Hell are examples of planes. Another example is the shamanistic perspective that spirits inhabit objects in nature.

When I tune into Waveform Healing work, I experience a kind of unfolding of spacial reality, which you could describe as crossing dimensions or planes. This experience shifts as I work. Sometimes it seems more like an energetic matrix, like what String theory describes. Sometimes it seems more like shifting into a kind of higher higher vibrational, or planar, reality — the kind of experience some would describe as a shamanic journey.

Until I started reading about research into multi-dimensional realities, I was under the assumption that physicists regarded them as rather “out there” and highly theoretical because they couldn’t be reproduced in laboratory experiments with our current technologies. To my surprise, it really seems like the only people who don’t buy into theories of multi-dimensional physics are the people who don’t (or don’t want to) understand them. Not only are they are part of the foundations of modern physics, there is even some experimental evidence to support it. This is not a fringe theory. It’s mainstream academics.

In our modern Western culture, there’s a common assumption that this multi-dimensional reality doesn’t affect our physical, mental, or emotional health. Before I started working in this space, I had no idea about it, either. But now I can see how essential it is. How could the operations of this multi-dimensional reality not affect us? It’s a fundamenal part of the fabric we’re made of. Multiple dimensions don’t exist in some abstract “elsewhere”. They’re right here!